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FireSport UK (formally FSSAA) encourages all forms of sport and athletics, both indoor and outdoor, for the benefit of serving and retired members of the Fire & Rescue Service of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It also promotes, organises, and does all things necessary to provide, establish and support competitions, championships and events of a like nature.

FireSport UK oversees a wide spectrum of different sporting activities from angling to walking and mountaineering and for the first time these different activities (or 'Sections') - 17 in total are brought together in one easily accessible location; informing the viewer of new or up and coming events taking place at a local, national and international level.

This site will provide details of how to enter the events, what the results were or how to contact the key organisers if you have any queries. In many ways the site is actually your site - the past and present members of the British Fire and Rescue Service, for if you have taken part in an event or intend to organise one, contact the Section Secretaries with any comments, details, reviews or pictures and they can be 'uploaded' for all to share.

It is within your power to be a part of the evolution of this website and we all look forward to your active participation.


Fire Sport UK Trust Instrument and rules

FireSport UK

Business Plan

Foreword by Chair

As the national fire and rescue service is remodelled, it is timely to consider the future role of the FSUK and to examine what contribution can be made to the service. Without doubt FSUK still provides a valuable, co-ordinating role in promoting sport, fitness and leisure activities for serving and retired staff. However FSUK needs to move with the times and look to the future; a future where fire and rescue service staff face new and more demanding challenges at work, and one where our workforce is changing and becoming more diverse. FSUK already prides itself on it’s promotion of sporting activities and this strength needs to built on.

FSUK activities can be used to help achieve a number of the aims of the UK fire and rescue services. Sporting events offer an opportunity for engagement with people within the local community and can be leveraged to deliver fire safety and prevention messages and to target sections of the community for recruitment purposes. There are also benefits to health from promotion of sporting activities.

With this in mind a new aim and a set of strategic objectives that better reflect the future role and aspirations of the association have been developed. Coupled with these new objectives there is a need to focus the activities of the association more clearly. A three year business plan has therefore been developed to take the association forward. The plan seeks to deliver a number of strategic objectives that support the aims of the association.

I hope that like me you welcome the fresh impetus and focus that the three year plan brings. If the association is to continue to develop it is vital that it is alive to the changes within the service, and adapts and develops to support a fire and rescue service for the 21st century.

Download the FSUK Business Plan (PDF)

"The National Executive Committee of FSUK firmly believe that competitive sport has an important role to play in supporting delivery of the 21st century FRS agenda – not simply in terms of keeping staff fit and healthy enough to do their jobs safely and effectively and encouraging a positive teamworking ethic, but also as a vehicle to assist in meaningful and productive community engagement."

FireFit Health Challenge

An FSSAA challenge to find the UK's Healthiest Fire Service Workplace

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games provide a very rare and potentially valuable focal point around which people can be encouraged to become more physically active and generally healthier. On the basis that the FSSAA exists to promote participation in physical activity, myself and other members of its National Executive Council felt this was too good an opportunity to miss, and set about exploring ideas for combining the brand of the Olympics with that of the FRS, around some kind of mass participation event or challenge. This led to the birth of the UK’s Healthiest Fire Service Workplace Challenge.

The Challenge – which enjoys the formal endorsement of CFOA’s Board and is also now part of the Change4Life movement is fully explained here; Challenge Structure

however, in many ways it is quite simply all about;

1. Healthier FRS staff – how has involvement in the Challenge helped to improve the health of staff employed at your workplace?

2. Healthier communities – how has involvement in the Challenge enabled the positive, physically-active brand of the FRS to engage with people in your local community and improve their health?

Andy Fry

Kidlington fire Fighters Win “Fire Fit Award”

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